Why does research matter?

Quality research allows us to arrive at informed decisions and make dreams, that at first seemed impossible, a reality.

It also allows us to present convincing arguments to influence the way others see the world, by producing an evidenced-based rationale that has the power to instigate change.

Humans are wired to be curious. We have a thirst for knowledge along with an innate desire for meaning and truth. Research work has the potential to fulfil these needs and more, which is why it holds so much value for those who undertake it.

Let’s stop for a moment and consider the power of research to generate change, solve problems and lead innovation.

When you reflect on the way research has contributed to society’s progress, people’s lives and well-being, what comes most to mind for you?

Scientific collaboration and citation practices have been an important focus for social scientists, seeking to provide insight into scientific research as an inherently team-based endeavour.