How to influence?

Interested in linking your greatness with academics, researchers, distinguished arbitrators, policy practitioners and the global public on a pertinet issue of international arbitration? Join the debate by influencing through contribute sustainable writing to the YIARC’s Reporter!

Choosing a Theme

The  YIARC-UB Reporter covers a wide range of  Themes and Points in Question section for some ideas about designing your Influence Initiative and selecting a theme. Mostly, choose a theme you interested in and fascinated about!

Your Audience

The aspire audience of the IARC’s community is broad, including academics, researchers, distinguished arbitrators, policy practitioners and the global public interested in issues relating to international arbitration.

Followers of the blog will have an opportunity to engage in further discussion through comments, or by responding with a blog of their own.

The Fundamentals

  • Length of 1000-1500 words (2-4 pages single space), in both English and Romanian.
  • Create a memorable title
  • Include a captivating one-two sentence synopsis of your contribution
  • Suggest 3-5 keywords/tags pertaining to your Research Initiative
  • Include a contact email and few lines about yourself (position, disclaimers, etc.)

The Sense of Style

  • When writing, be mindful of the wide readership you would incline to approach
  • Use simple and clear language and drive for coherence style in passages, avoiding jargon and incomprehensible words, to reach a broader audience
  • Try to end the initiative on a point to provoke further thinking/discussion/call to action
  • Avoid footnotes/citations. Feel free to link to external sources/websites as necessary
  • Please suggest some relevant images in high-resolution (noting copyrights).


  • Submit your text in .doc or .docx file format.
  • Submit your text in both English and Romanian language inserted in the same page
  • Submit your Research Initiative at
  • All submissions will go through a light editing process (proofreading, suggestions)
  • There is no guarantee that all submissions will be published

Themes and Points in Question

The YIARC-UB Reporter covers a wide range of topics related to international arbitration, with emphasis (although not exclusively) on the core thematic areas of the International Arbitration Research Centre, including:

  • International Commercial Arbitration Comprehensiveness
  • Role of Technology in Assistance of International Arbitration
  • Trade, Investments and Human Rights
  • Globasilation and Arbitration