About us

IARC-UB is pleased to announce that it has created the Young IARC group by branding the group as “YIARC” and forming a new Committee to influence and implement initiatives.

YIARC aims to promote the use of international arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, both regionally and internationally, and to provide a platform for young professionals to work together to address the unique challenges faced by the legal and business communities across a diverse range of Europen jurisdictions and cultures. It has a consensus structure and its facelift was inspired by YSIAC from an asian perspective.

YIARC initiatives will include the publication of a YIARC  Journal, contribution of articles and blogs and organisation of activities ranging from seminars and symposia to social and networking events.

Please click on the below for further information about YIARC and how to become a influencer:

Who is a young researcher?

Scientists have traditionally used author collaboration and paper citation networks to study such practices. These networks are very common in the research community and share common properties with other well known networks. More specifically, they are both scale free networks following a power law degree distribution, having one big central community etc. among other things.

While collaboration networks are relevant for understanding the network structure of scientific fields, citation networks are central in providing insight into the hierarchies within a field and among fields.

And a question still remains:

What makes a Influencer Researcher?

What might the light inclusive characteristics of defenitly brilliant researchers be? What do their attitudes and behaviors need to be for a favorable outcome?