The goals of YIARC are:

  1. To be a consensus block for young professionals (aged 46 years and under) to exchange expertise, ideas and experience in international arbitration
  2. To provide a platform for young professionals interested in alternative dispute resolution in Romania, Europe and worldwide to network among like-minded peers and to build mentoring relationships between young professionals and experienced practitioners
  3.  To offer a proof of work standard for learning, inventing and developing international arbitration reserach
  4. To promote the use of arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to young professionals and business advisers, both regionally and internationally, by:
    1. Working with legal, business and educational organisations and other groups of young arbitrators to organise events;
    2. Encouraging collaborators to write articles on arbitration-related issues for publication on the IARC-UB website and in YIARC publications;
    3. Establishing and maintaining a YIARC affiliate blog on the Young ICCA Blog and exercising editorial control over the content of such blogs.