The international investment law clinic is a experimental initiative of IARC and small groups of highly qualified and carefully selected researchers who work on specific legal questions posed by beneficiaries. The young researchers work in groups under the close supervision of one or more Professors (Academic Supervisors) and are also teamed up with experts (Mentors) from law firms, national or international organizations or academia, who lend their knowledge, time and feedback to the young researchers, pro bono. The young researchers are carefully prepped and supervised by the Academic Supervisors and Teaching Assistants.

Over the course of one initiative, usually three to four months, the young researchers benefit from skills and expert sessions, conduct detailed legal research and work on several drafts shared with Academic Supervisors, Mentors and beneficiaries for comments and feedback. The output can range from a legal memorandum to a brief, draft law, treaty text or other output tailored to the beneficiary’s needs. At the end of the semester, the groups submit a written output and orally present their project in class in the presence of the beneficiaries and other invited guests. The work and output can be made public or kept confidential depending on the need and requirement of the beneficiaries.

Investment Law Laboratory  and practica is a win-win for all involved: beneficiaries get expert work done for free helping them build capacity; young researchers learn by doing, obtain academic credit, expand their network and get an opportunity to work on real-life legal questions presented by beneficiaries; faculty and expert mentors share their knowledge on cutting-edge issues and are able to attract or hire top students with proven skills. 

How Investment Law Lab Can Help

By using our network, we can assist you with a variety of international economic law projects, including the following:

  • Research and analysis for treaty negotiations
  • Compliance assessment of domestic or foreign laws
  • Compliance assessment of proposed or existing legislation
  • Drafting model legislation
  • Drafting advocacy positions in the context of existing agreements on trade and investment
  • Assessment of legal claims or defense strategies
  • Writing of party, third party submissions and legal memoranda
  • Preparation of amicus curiae briefs
  • Legal and economic research on cutting-edge trade or investment law questions


All projects prepared and published by Investment Law Laboratory and practica are done on a grant projects and initiatives by young researchers for research – innovation and development purposes only. The initiatives are pedagogical exercises, research inquiries, innovation shifts, and development in the data market to train young researchers in the practice of international economic law, and they do not reflect the opinions of Investment Law Laboratory IARC and/or the academic institutions affiliated to Investment Law Laboratory of IARC. The initiatives do not in any way constitute legal advice and do not, in any manner, create an attorney-client relationship. The initiatives cannot, in any way, and at any time, bind, or lead to any form of liability or responsibility for the laboratory participants, participating academic institutions, or Investment Law Lab and IARC.

Contact the Laboratory

Contact Investment Law Laboratory confidentially: email Investment Law Lab Coordinator, Aleksandra Vonica, at