The Centre is a University-level Research unit that emphasizes analysis of the international dimentions of contemporary arbitration, engaging a  wide variety of public and private actors. Research findings are disseminated through publications, teaching,  academic and public events.

In the age of sustainable development inclusive research of international arbitration provides means of understanding for a single forum dispute resolution mechanism.


To enable our researchers to make sustained innovative analysis, we  created a system that influences the entirety of the research that affects the challenges and opportunities they are trying to address. We do this through a series of System Initiatives Questions (SIQ), described here:

What is the international arbitration dynamic? How does change happens in international arbitration through Forth Industrial Revolution?

What are the forms in which this change takes place?  It is a structural change?

Will a better understanding of the normative foundations and dynamic of international arbitration be only a theoretical exercise for innovators?

How does preparatory work for a development of a scientific opinion can affect the decision making process and legal interpretation in international arbitration?